What if I told you everything you need to create a fulfilling life was inside of you?

Stick with me here. What if you could have a hand in how your life turns out?

What if you could break patterns that have kept you down? Kept you miserable, in bad relationships, making little-to-no money, judging your body, undervalued, incapable of advancing in your career no matter how hard you work?

Do I have your attention? Good. Because you CAN break the patterns and take control of your life. (In fact, I’m here to help you do it!)

I know, it’s frustrating to work so hard for what you want, only to feel stuck in patterns of dissatisfaction. You want to BREAK THE PATTERNS, and you want to do it NOW. But the truth is, bad patterns happen to good people.

These patterns come from our childhood traumas and run deep within us. They are the source of our struggles, and our struggles are simply symptoms of the source. I know, you’re ready to throw in the towel and just go take a nap. Naps are awesome, in fact I take one every day, but hold on a sec!

Breaking free of the patterns that hold you back doesn’t need to be a solo adventure.
(the truth is it can be more of an exciting adventure with the right help)

Hi, I’m Dr. Molly, Life Coach & Chiropractor, and someone who is going to help you turn it all around in the next 4 months. My tools & support will help you go from “just getting by” to thriving high by looking within.

I help people heal physical & emotional patterns, so they are free to create what they want. Here’s the thing, just like your body can go out of alignment, so can your spirit, mind, and relationship to your community. I’m a coach for YOUR ENTIRE BEING.


Most of us go through life like giant hamsters on giant hamster wheels, trying to catch up to a goal that we’ll never reach. We focus on striving, on collecting accomplishments, on getting the material things that will make “it” all better. We make stringent plans for how to get that life; never noticing that something’s not quite right. Always just getting by.

You might be thinking, “Yeah, so? I work hard. Is that so bad?” Nope. It’s awesome. It means you have a willingness and commitment to having an AMAZING LIFE.

THATs AWESOME! You have a willingness and commitment to work hard for what you know is right!

You’ve got the building blocks for change, and that’s wonderful. But here’s where it gets tricky; If we’re not addressing the root cause of what’s keeping us stuck, we’ll never get off the hamster wheel. We’re destined to repeat our patterns, and never see results.

So to have what we want, we must choose to look within.
This is how our work together begins.

So to have what we want, we must choose to look within.

This is how our work together begins.

I’ll help you clear away the mess, so you can get to the root of your suffering. Next, we find that thing that makes you light up inside (your soul’s purpose). 🙂 Then comes the hard easy stuff. We find the blocks stopping you from having the life you deserve.

With a willingness to commit, strong effort, consistency and support, you’ll go through a process that will give you: EMPOWERMENT. OWNERSHIP. ACCOUNTABILITY. LOVE. And when you achieve clarity & purpose from a whole-being approach, there’s a natural flow–the magic and mystery of life– that aligns you with your joy.

This is my Tree Philosophy, where the roots of your being are focused on these four core values. When you nourish the roots, your tree grows the fruit of your labor.

I believe that TRUE FULFILLMENT comes from becoming laser-clear about what your absolute core values are, and what truly nourishes those values for YOU. When your tree comes into full alignment with your values, so does your soul’s purpose and work reveals itself and opportunities literally come out of the woodwork. You begin living a life where you are led not constantly searching.

So what are you feeding your roots? Long To-Do lists that just drain you of your passion for life? Or are you dancing, cooking, painting, and spending time with people you love?

This is the work we do in our 12 months together. Changing your life doesn’t happen overnight. Commitment and consistency are two components, so 12 months it is. In the process, you’ll become more balanced, and see unimaginable results; including the space for the magic of life to show up with unexpected gifts!

You know what else? It’s not all woo-woo either. I like to strike a balance between spirit and action, so I give you the toolkit (with a tangible plan and steps!) you need to go from stuck-to-smiling in our first four months together. Then into identifying blocks and creating paths beyond them. We will work on retraining that brain of yours so your patterns and behaviors support the you, you want to be! And of course, living from the heart because that is an art!

When we work together, you’ll receive:

  • A FREE exploratory, strategy call
  • Structure- 12 Months of private coaching centered around a whole being approach and retraining your brain and life patterns
  • Guidance- from a leader who’s been in the trenches and knows what it takes to create the life you desire, a life beyond limitations
  • Content and a plan that you can work to create the change you want to see in your life
  • Objective feedback and regular reviews to track your progress towards your goals
  • Consistency and accountability through individual work and email support
  • Results- if you work the program you’ll see patterns change and you’ll move closer to the life you imagine and desire
  • Copy of my “Step Into BEing” Book

Are you ready to get off that hamster wheel?
Schedule your 20-minute exploratory call now,
Let’s spend the next four months healing your entire being.

With grace, gratitude & love-
Dr. Molly