beyond fear into freedom

Find Your Freedom & Create the Life You Truly Want!

Whether you are looking to maximize productivity or step into a loving relationship with yourself, this 3-part series is meant for you as it walks you through, in depth, how to shift behavior patterns.

Ultimately, all behavior patterns that are negative and unhelpful at some level can be related back to fear. Let this 3-part series assist you in freeing yourself from the reigns of fear, allowing you the freedom to create what you want in life!

dismantling the old

MODULE 1 – Dismantling The Old

Transforming yourself and your behaviors requires you look at the unwanted behavior clearly, thoroughly and without judgement. This audio and worksheet guides you in that process giving you specific questions to ponder, areas to look at within the behavior pattern, and components to address all in order to fully understand and move beyond the unwanted behavior.

MODULE 2 – Implementing the New

Shifting into new habits and behaviors entails designing the details of your new foundation including thoughts, feelings, words, actions and reactions. This audio and worksheet walks you through creating and getting intimate with the newest version of you.

implementing the new
dismantling the old

MODULE 3 – Hardwiring/Living It

Giving rise to the new you, demands you participate in the process by ingraining the new patterns in your brain through visualization and implementing the new aspects of you into your daily life. This audio and worksheet facilitates the process of creating the deep, lasting change and the new you, you desire in your day to day life.


Consciously moving through the process of dismantling the old behavior, consciously choosing and implementing the new is a wise practice to assure the creation of deep lasting change. This 25 minute guided meditation assists you in the process of creating the change you wish to see and into hardwiring the newest version of you.


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